“How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world!” (Hamlet).

Did you know that over 20 million people in the US alone suffer with DEPRESSION? And, over 32 million people will suffer from DEPRESSION sometime during their life time.

If you are reading my page, then I suspect that you are suffering from DEPRESSION or are looking up information for someone you love who is depressed. Good for you for doing your research. Not long ago I was in your position. Here we will look and what is depression, symptoms, some treatments, my story and what I did to help myself. I hope this helps you.

Holosync Program

There are many reasons why people are depressed and there are many treatments to help. People can become depressed because of a situation such as a loved one dies, job loss, or financial loss. Other causes are chemical imbalances within the brain, trauma, and abuse.

Some of the symptoms of depression include:

It can feel like being lower than the stones on the driveway or in a deep and very black hole. I have been there and have lived many years in that space. I crawled out very slowly.

First off…. You are worth it! If you are thinking of harming yourself, get help. It is worth the effort to get well. We are responsible for ourselves and the choices we make. True, it is very difficult to make the next better choice when you are in the pits of that deep black hole. But you can. I did, and I do. Believe me, I was way down that black hole.

Holosync Program

I had an abusive childhood, in all areas of my life. That included being physically, mentally and emotionally abused at school, in an alcoholic home, and sexually abused. I remember wishing I was dead in second grade! I have a history of long standing depression, despair, self defeating negative thoughts and behaviors. Why would anyone want to live when all you know is a world of fear, shame, failure, rejection and more? And yet I survived and even learned a few things. I started treatment in my thirties. That included counseling, group therapy, and medication. I have always had a holistic bent and used alternatives in other health issues with great success. I have used herbs and flower remedies, positive affirmations, creative visualizations and more. However this was a tough nut to crack. I attended an energy healing school which required deep personal process work. It was quite difficult, but lifted me up on a whole new platform. Yet, I descended down into the black hole once again. One desperate evening, several years ago, I went online and googled “depression”. There I found Holosync. Choosing to try and continue to use Holosync system has profoundly changed my life.

Holosync Program

Holosync is marketed to help depression. I bought the Awakening prolog, continued through the multi-level program and it has changed my life. As I understand it, Holosync uses sound waves to restructure the brain. This restructuring happens incrementally and is based on chaos theory. Briefly, chaos theory says that an organism undergoing a chaotic experience will reorganize or restructure itself to the next higher level. Bill Harris of Centerpointe, created Holosync. Holosync is a technique that puts two different sounds waves, one in each ear. The sound creates a particular brain wave pattern. During a listening session, you are brought from a beta pattern down to alpha, theta, delta levels. This creates a little bit of chaos in your brain. When you stop listening, you brain reorganizes to the next higher level. Do this over and over for great results. You listen to the CD, with head phones, for ½ to1 hour 4-7 times a week. I am in my fourth year and currently starting the flowering level. I am very pleased with the positive results I am experiencing in my life. These include positive feelings about myself, more personal and professional success.

Holosync Program

Listening to Holosync is very pleasant. Your thinking and your life will change for the better. You are worth it. This is the one treatment that has given me the most permanent growth. It is a pricy program, but so are counseling, medication, and the physical/emotional/mental price of depression. I purchase one or two levels at a time. This could take me a whole year to get through. You know you are ready for the next level, when you can stay awake for the whole listening period on a regular basis.

The best thing is that Centerpointe has a wonderful support staff to assist you as you go through the program. I invite you to take the next step on your healing journey. Try Holosync!

Holosync Program